Crossword Puzzle

Janet's Bachelorette Pary Crossword


  1. what she helped mom find last year (two words) (turtletracks)
  2. golden retriever's name (nutmeg)
  3. one of the places mom took the girl scout troop to (two words) (myrtlebeach)
  4. who she would take around with her when trick-or-treating (frisky)


  1. favorite giant stuffed animal (two words) (chickenduck)
  2. name of high school (nitro)
  3. high school mascot (wildcats)
  4. sport team dad coached (softball)
  5. swim team mascot (sharks)
  6. original law school (vermont)
  7. movie janet liked when little (three words) (miloandotis)

["gold", "chemistry", "blizzard", "gremlins"]

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