Crossword Puzzle

Choir Syllabus


  1. Students retain all ___________points if they follow classroom procedures, participate with the ensemble, (participation)


  1. In each choir, there will be an emphasis on music theory, sight-singing, listening, and ____________. (performance)
  2. Be on time and __________ for class/rehearsal every day. (prepared)
  3. Concerts are the largest parts of the students’ grade in choir and are therefore ___________. (mandatory)
  4. Students must have their choir binder no later than _________, August 17th. (friday)
  5. _______ absences are limited to emergencies like serious illness or other family crises. (excused)
  6. __________ to a call time for a choir event (concerts, dress rehearsals, festivals, etc.) will result in an automatic loss of 50% of the student’s grade for the event. (tardiness)


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