Crossword Puzzle

Animal Phyla Crossword Puzzle


  1. contains flatworms with bilateral symmetry (platyhelminthes)
  2. (echinodermata)
  3. (chordata)


  1. Contain sponges, are asymmetrical, ectothermic sessile organisms (porifera)
  2. contain jellyfish and corals; radial symmetry with single opening (cnidaria)
  3. contains roundworms and are parasitic (nematoda)
  4. contain sand worms, earthworms and leeches. Have body segmentation, true coelom and closed circulatory system. (annelida)
  5. contains snails, clams, and squids. Have open circulatory systems and gills (mollusca)
  6. are invertebrates and have a true coelom with exoskeletons (arthropoda)

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