Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 1 Terms


  1. for anything that is observable result of a process an effect there must be an adequate cause (principleofcauseandeffect)
  2. when a scientist observes and records descriptions of nature (descriptivedata)
  3. science done to accomplish the work of biblical dominion (dominionscience)


  1. God's command to have dominion over the earth (creationmandate)
  2. the overall perspective that we use to see and interpret the world (worldview)
  3. ideas that are not proven to be true but that we assume to be true (presupposition)
  4. explain, describe, or represent something in the world (model)
  5. the idea that the universe began with something like a gigantic explosion (bigbangtheory)
  6. an initial explanation for a scientific problem (hypothesis)
  7. models scientist use as framework to explain their observations (theory)
  8. models scientist use to describe reliable, universal relationships between different kinds of things (law)
  9. any information a scientist collect by observing nature (data)
  10. when a scientist uses measurements to observe nature (measureddata)
  11. the plan of attack scientist use to study something (scientificprocess)
  12. attempts to explain natural process and events in the unobservable past by examining data in the present (historicalscience)

["earthscience", "operationalscience", "principleofuniformity"]

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