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Ken's Custom Iron Blacksmithing Crossword


  1. Your favorite blacksmith apparel, tool, and project supplier. ;) (3 words) (kenscustomiron)
  2. A tool used to make holes the correct size and shape. It is forced through the hole to enlarge it to a particular size and/or to change its shape. (drift)
  3. a square hole in an anvil into which specialized tools are placed. (2 words) (hardiehole)
  4. A type of coal that is usually the coal-of-choice for blacksmithing. It has a low sulfur content. (bituminous)


  1. Used in forge welding, a substance used to keep oxygen from the surface of heated or molten metal in order to prevent its oxidation. (flux)
  2. A specially shaped part of a press or hammer against which the metal workpiece is driven by the ram or hammer. (die)
  3. A heavy metal working piece on which metal objects are hammered or forged. (anvil)
  4. The rapid cooling of the metal workpiece to change its properties -- typically to harden steel. (quenching)
  5. A person who creates objects from metal (typically iron or steel) by forging the metal using heat, hammers and specialized tools. (blacksmith)
  6. The process of driving metal back onto itself to create a bulk of material, thus, generally making it stronger. (upsetting)
  7. A process to make metal "tougher" by heating and quenching it through various steps. (tempering)

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