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Mechanisms of Evolution Part 2 Crossword Puzzle


  1. rapid diversification of the gene pool when the species is introduced to new environments. (adaptiveradiation)
  2. a type of evolution when two or more species descend from a common ancestor but evolve dissimilar traits (divergent)
  3. the division of a single species into two or more distinct species. (speciation)


  1. a type of evolution in which the evolution of one organism affects the evolution of another. (coevolution)
  2. a type of relationship where organisms are likely to co-evolve. (predator-prey)
  3. a driving force of evolution between species in an environment (competition)
  4. type of niche where two species live and complete for the same resources (ecological)
  5. a relationship where both species gain a mutual benefit from each other (mutualism)
  6. an inherited feature or behavior that has become common among individuals in a species due to natural selection. (adaptations)
  7. a type of evolution when two unrelated species develop similar traits from a similar environmental pressure. (convergent)

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