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Literary Terms


  1. language that has meaning beyond the literal meaning (figurativelanguage)
  2. The action that makes up a story (plot)
  3. One of the people or animals in the story (character)
  4. Comparison of two unlike things (metaphor)


  1. The place and time frame in which a story takes place (setting)
  2. The part of the story (usually near beginning) when the characters are introduced, background is explained, and setting is described (exposition)
  3. Planned series of events in a story; five parts (plotline)
  4. Piece of literature usually read in one sitting (shortstory)
  5. The highest point of action in a story (climax)
  6. Part of a story where problems arise after conflict is introduced (risingaction)
  7. The action following the climax that lead to the end (fallingaction)
  8. Words or phrases that appeal to the reader's senses (imagery)
  9. The lesson a story teaches (moral)

["conflict", "resolution", "protagonist", "theme", "simile", "alliteration", "antagonist", "onomatopoeia"]

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