Crossword Puzzle

Georgia’s Regions


  1. smallest region (appalachianplateau)
  2. mined in Appalachian along with iron (coal)
  3. known for high ridges and narrow valleys (valley&ridge)
  4. largest region, southern end of Georgia (coastalplain)
  5. rich in iron minerals and found in the Piedmont (redclay)
  6. besides corn wheat and peanuts, grown in Coastal Plain (onions)


  1. most populated (piedmont)
  2. naturally made feature (physicalfeature)
  3. famous mountain in Appalachian Plateau (lookout)
  4. natural border of Piedmont and Coastal plain region (fallline)
  5. # of Regions (five)
  6. top industry in Appalachian (carpet)
  7. Northeast region (blueridge)
  8. the hemisphere Georgia is in (northwest)
  9. state we are studying (georgia)
  10. reason Appalachian isnt good for agriculture (sandysoil)
  11. state south of Georgia (florida)

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