Crossword Puzzle

dance terminologies


  1. dance rules and code of conducts (danceconventions)
  2. some movement which prepare the body to perform a certain dance (warmup)
  3. arms (limbs)
  4. the polyrhythem that moves from slow to fast (impact)


  1. core stability exercises for strengthening back and abdominal muscle, focusing on breathing, curving and lengthening the spin. (floorwork)
  2. swinging arm or legs not the whole body (bodyisolation)
  3. lowering a heart rate through stretching muscle to relax. (coolingdown)
  4. an unplanned/haphazard performance (improvisation)
  5. an eye focus technique to turn without getting dizzy and stay balanced (spotting)
  6. when you raise up onto the balls of your feet (demipoint)
  7. upper body (torso)
  8. the polyrhythm that moves from fast to slow (impulse)

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