Crossword Puzzle

IO Centers


  1. IO in IO Centers stands for (instantoffices)
  2. Legal agreement (contract)
  3. Resources (facilities)
  4. abbreviation of the highest-ranking executive in a company (ceo)
  5. a written offer from a seller to a buyer (proposal)
  6. a flat piece of furniture to read or write (desk)


  1. Prices are based on ____ & demand (supply)
  2. All the workers in a company (staff)
  3. You need a _____ to access the office (keycard)
  4. Person in charge of a meeting (chairman)
  5. Price reduction (discount)
  6. Charge for a service (fee)
  7. List of items to be discussed at a meeting (agenda)
  8. Retail transactions (sales)
  9. a place for business (office)
  10. digital letter (email)
  11. IO centers is located in ___ Kuwait City (sharq)

["businesscenter", "meetingroom", "virtualoffice"]

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