Crossword Puzzle

Vocab Review 4-6


  1. to honor the memory of, as by a ceremony (commemorate)
  2. easily entered, approached, or obtained (accessible)
  3. to formally break away from (secede)
  4. a movement forward or onward; improvement (progress)
  5. a movement backward to an earlier state (regression)
  6. a large enclosure in which birds are kept (aviary)


  1. to shorten (abbreviate)
  2. quality of being brief; shortness in time (brevity)
  3. to go forward, especially after stopping (proceed)
  4. to reduce the speed of (decelerate)
  5. a departure from the main issue, subject, etc. (digression)
  6. a woman airplane pilot (aviatrix)

["accelerate", "memory", "memorial"]

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