Crossword Puzzle

Vocab Review 1-3


  1. the act of putting back together (reconstruction)
  2. to draw or pull back (retract)
  3. unbeatable; impossible to overcome (invincible)
  4. the scene of noisy confusion or activity (commotion)
  5. motionless; unable to move (immobile)
  6. able to be taken or carried away (removable)


  1. to form by putting together parts (construct)
  2. the act of destroying; a state of damage (destruction)
  3. underlying framework of a systerm (infrastructure)
  4. an obstacle or something put up against something else (obstruction)
  5. act of drawing together or shrinking (contraction)
  6. process of withdrawing; pulling out (extraction)
  7. to persuade by argument or evidence (convince)
  8. relating to the quality of being able to move (mobility)
  9. an advancement in rank or position (promotion)

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