Crossword Puzzle

Gena's Bridal Shower


  1. Gena's favorite Tv show. 3 wds. (americanhorrorstory)
  2. Where does Gena vacation abroad, where her aunt lives? (germany)
  3. What town is Tyler from? (ridgewood)


  1. Gena and Tylers dog is named? (moose)
  2. What game console does Tyler play on? (xbox)
  3. What car brand does Tyler and Gena both drive (honda)
  4. Who is Tylers favorite football team? (steelers)
  5. Tylers favorite movie as a kid was? 3 wds. (wizzardofozz)
  6. How many tattoos does Tyler have? (zero)
  7. Tylers mother is named? (terry)
  8. Where did tyler and Gena go on their first vacation together? 2 wds. (myrtlebeach)
  9. Gena's brother is named? (anthony)

["october", "fish", "blue"]

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