Crossword Puzzle

301's 100th Birthday


  1. State where slate floor mined (pennsylvania)
  2. terra cotta tile roof color (green)
  3. park with museum (wilder)
  4. terra cotta tile roof color (green)
  5. Solid hardwood interior trim and doors (oak)
  6. native copper found here (michigan)


  1. family bought house in 1942 (lizzadro)
  2. architect (brandt)
  3. house built for her in 1918 (grace)
  4. Style of house (craftsman)
  5. outside brick (clinker)
  6. floor where maids lived (third)
  7. floors and walls made of (concrete)
  8. families living together during The Great Depression (1929-1939) (three)

["lapidary", "italy", "rockhound", "andersons", "architect", "four", "inglenook", "historic"]

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