Crossword Puzzle

The Brain


  1. This is the part of the brain involved with memory (hippocampus)
  2. This part of the cortex of the brain you use to think and solve problems, make decisions, and express your personality (frontal)
  3. This lobe of the brain integrates sensory information and is otherwise known as the association cortex- parietal lobe (parietal)
  4. The _____cord carries information from the brain to the body and vice versa (spinal)
  5. The olfactory nerve helps you_____ (smell)


  1. This part of the brain keeps you in balance (cerebellum)
  2. This lobe of the brain is involved with hearing and language (temporal)
  3. This part of the brain is where you map and understand the visual world, everything you see (occipital)


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