Crossword Puzzle

Who Said It?


  1. I like to relax by opening the windows and listening to rain. My favorite memory is laughing with my sister so hard that our mom would yell for us to be quiet. My staple food is Spinach Quiche (courtney)
  2. I am addicted to Candy Crush. Laughter is my defense mechanism. I found during a road trip the Shoneys Big Boy perched on a North Carolina cliff. (melissa)
  3. I was born in Puerto Rico. I love exploring mountains and hiking. (nancy)
  4. I am from Edison Ga. I like to getaway to Kissimmee. My favorite food is seafood. (gloria)
  5. I'm a Virgo. My daughter, sister and ex husband were all born on the same date as me. (kerry)


  1. I studied abroad in the UK for 1 semester. My favorite vacation spot is Iceland. I'm an avid electric skateboarder. (james)
  2. I love horses, I am a Yankee from Pittsburg and I have 4 grandchildren. (karen)
  3. I'm originally from Chicago. I'm artistic and love to draw on my free time. I am a single dad with 3 boys. (jason)
  4. I write books. I like to play games. I also like baking and my favorite food is sushi. (lisa)
  5. My Favorite color is red. I like to eat at Benihana and spending time with my husband and kids. Topaz is my birthstone. (johnnie)
  6. I am a native Floridian. I love to eat seafood. Relaxation is shopping. (latanya)
  7. I'm allergic to Mangos. I would love to visit Hawaii. I have lived in 5 states. (leslie)
  8. I have a beagle named Mandy. The idea of having fun is going to concerts (tara)

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