Crossword Puzzle

Ballads and Sonnets


  1. she was murdered on Bodmin Moor (charlottedymond)
  2. a word that mimics the sound that it refers to (onomatopoeia)
  3. a describing word (adjective)
  4. an action or 'doing' word (verb)
  5. he wrote Miller's End (charlescausley)
  6. when two words or syllables sound the same (rhyme)


  1. famous for writing sonnets (shakespeare)
  2. the number of lines in a sonnet (fourteen)
  3. a paragraph or 'chunk' of lines in a poem (stanza)
  4. Sonnet ___ - 'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?' (eighteen)
  5. two lines that end with the same sound wherein a complete idea is expressed (rhymingcouplet)
  6. describing something as something else, using like or as (simile)
  7. a sentence where most words start with the same sound (alliteration)

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