Crossword Puzzle

Science Centre Gallery Hunt


  1. What is the top #1 fear? [Hint (publicspeaking)
  2. Help Professor Crackitt find his pet ______, Wattnot. [Hint (parrot)


  1. What thing is shown at the Magic Shadow? [Hint (pirateship)
  2. What animal do you see at View with a Twist? [Hint (elephant)
  3. What do we call the Fear of Losing Our Phones [Hint (nomobophobia)
  4. What do we call untreated water? [Hint (greywater)
  5. The 4Rs are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and _______? [Hint (rethink)
  6. Who is the first man in space? [Hint (yurigagarin)

["21", "oxygen"]

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