Crossword Puzzle

Ashur Spelling Words


  1. unable to be forgotten (unforgettable)
  2. able to be seen (visible)
  3. adverb of safe (safely)
  4. to nurture and keep safe (care)
  5. achieving a goal and reaching your expectations (success)


  1. precisely (exactly)
  2. strange (unusual)
  3. you do this to get fit (exercise)
  4. the non-abbreviated form of e.g. (example)
  5. the decision made by a judge or jury in a court (verdict)
  6. not occupied or empty (vacant)
  7. regret for a wrongdoing (remorse)

["grammar", "honour", "pleasant", "ignorant", "elephant", "attendant", "sincere", "tsunami", "vulnerable", "circulation", "repetition"]

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