Crossword Puzzle

transpiration, absorption, photosynthesis


  1. loss of water from the openings present on the old stems (lenticulartranspiration)
  2. bulging of the cell due to inward movement of water (turgidity)
  3. the recovery of plasmolysis (deplasmolysis)


  1. a phenomenan by which the living or dead absorb water by surface attraction (imbibition)
  2. movement of particles from higher to lower concentration in direct contact (diffusion)
  3. movement of particles from higher to lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane (osmosis)
  4. inward movement of water when surrounding are less concentrated (endosmosis)
  5. outward diffusion of water when surrounding solution is more concentrated (exosmosis)
  6. a solution is a measure of its tendency to take in water by osmosis (osmoticpressure)
  7. relative concentration of solutions that determine the direction and extent of diffusion (tonicity)
  8. concentration in cell and surroundings are same (isotonic)
  9. outside the cell, the concentration of solute is less (hypotonic)
  10. the solute concentration outside the cell is higher (hypertonic)
  11. pressure exerted by the cell wall on cell content (wallpressure)
  12. pressure developed in root due to inflow of water (rootpressuer)
  13. the loss of excess amount of water due to root pressure (guttation)
  14. loss of water from the aerial parts of the plant body (transpiration)

["semipermeablemembrane", "flaccidity", "activetransport", "passivetransport", "turgorpressure", "stomataltranspiration", "cuticulartranspiration", "photosynthesis", "photolysis", "polymerisation", "destarch"]

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