Crossword Puzzle

Fourth of July


  1. 4th of July is also called ___________ Day. (independence)
  2. People wear the colors red, white and _______. (blue)
  3. In the morning there are ________ that families can watch in big towns. (parades)
  4. There are many bands and concerts that play american ________ to celebrate. (music)


  1. This holiday is only an ________ holiday (american)
  2. People had to pay England _______ and were not very happy. (taxes)
  3. People celebrate _________ like at parks beaches or yards. (outside)
  4. People eat __________ like chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs! (barbecue)
  5. When it gets dark there are many _______ that can be seen in the sky (fireworks)
  6. Before independence day __________ controlled America. (england)

["july", "horseshoes", "flag"]

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