Crossword Puzzle

Sports Psychology


  1. a university with a popular sports psychology program (laurentianuniversity)
  2. A well known organization devoted to sports psychology (cspa)
  3. A famous modern day sports psychologist (michaelgervais)


  1. The topic we did our presentation on (sportspsychology)
  2. The founder of the first sports psychology lab (dr.carldiem)
  3. A psychological principal that encourages athletes (motivation)
  4. Sports psychologists help athletes return from ______. (injuries)
  5. Sports psychology is popular because it has a high _____ _____. (successrate)
  6. A location where sports psychologists are employed (hospitals)
  7. The average amount of years in school to become a sports psychologist (six-eight)
  8. A famous sports psychologist from the past (colemangriffith)

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