Crossword Puzzle

The Boy who was Afraid


  1. unconcerned (indifference)
  2. type of palm tree (pandanus)
  3. flat land (plateau)
  4. male pig (boar)
  5. promise (swear)
  6. a comparison (simile)
  7. octopus (feke)
  8. god of the sea (moana)
  9. god of the fishermen (maui)


  1. bravery (courage)
  2. glowing (luminous)
  3. helpless (powerless)
  4. waterfall (cascade)
  5. citrus fruit (lime)
  6. long tooth (tusk)
  7. moving away from land (ebbing)
  8. the dog (uri)
  9. in small quantities (sparingly)
  10. a coral reef (atoll)
  11. edge of a boat (gunwale)
  12. big bird (kivi)

["rude", "polynesians", "hope", "breadfruit", "hurricane", "tekoto", "lagoonfire", "tapa"]

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