Crossword Puzzle



  1. The first published African-American female poet. (philliswheatley)
  2. Last name of the woman who escaped slavery but went back to rescue 70 other enslaved people and was a spy for the Union (tubman)
  3. One of the many men that led a slave uprising (natturner)
  4. She was a writer, and in her newspapers she spoke out against extreme violence towards African-Americans. (idabwells)


  1. The country the bronze sculptures are from (benin)
  2. Last name of the man who escaped slavery and became the first Colonial resident to die for American independence. (attucks)
  3. Wrote passages from the Holy Qur’an from memory and his autobiography in Arabic. (omaribnsaid)
  4. The first name of the woman who became an abolitionist, women’s rights advocate, and preacher. (sojourner)
  5. Last name of the man that was free, but was kidnapped and sold into slavery and enslaved for twelve years. (northup)
  6. He escaped slavery through the Underground railroad and joined the Church of Latter Day Saints (elijahabel)
  7. The last name of the first African-American nominated as Vice President. (douglass)
  8. First name of the first African-American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point (henry)

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