Crossword Puzzle

Unit 4 Review!


  1. all organisms do this. It is like the opposite of photosynthesis (cellularrespiration)
  2. This consumer typically eats primary consumers (secondary)
  3. This is a large geographical region with common climate and soil type (biome)


  1. This is what you need to do work! (energy)
  2. A rule that describes how much energy goes to the next step in a food chain (ruleoften)
  3. The type of consumer that eats producers (primary)
  4. An organism that has the ability to produce its own food (producer)
  5. These organisms include fungi, worms, and bacteria (decomposer)
  6. This is the name for the recycling of nitrogen in nature (nitrogencycle)
  7. Because of this recycling process, it is why some scientists claim we are made of dinosaur pee (watercycle)
  8. This is a process that produces Oxygen and glucose (photosynthesis)
  9. This follows what organisms eat each other in a straight chain (foodchain)
  10. This is like a food chain, but is much more complex (foodweb)

["energypyramid", "parasite", "predator", "prey", "climate", "parkland", "borealforest", "grassland", "ecosystem", "biotic", "abiotic", "limitingfactor", "competition", "carryingcapacity"]

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