Crossword Puzzle

TCI Refresher Crossword Puzzle


  1. Being aware of values/beliefs/goals (emotionalcompetence)
  2. When never to do a physical restraint (alone)
  3. Life Space Interview (lsi)
  4. Reminders (prompting)
  5. Goal of physical intervention (safety)
  6. Young person’s point of view (explore)
  7. hurdle help (assistance)
  8. Escalation (aggressive)


  1. Avoid the... (conflictcycle)
  2. Pain-based behavior (fighting)
  3. Normal behavior (baseline)
  4. All behavior has (meaning)
  5. Assessing a situation (fourquestions)
  6. Predisposing risk factor (asthma)
  7. Second goal to TCI (teach)
  8. Most important part of conflict cycle (adultresponse)
  9. Feelings to behavior (connect)
  10. The conversation (isolate)

["support", "trauma", "target", "agitated", "asphyxia", "violence"]

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