Crossword Puzzle



  1. I want to seek out counseling, medical, and wellness services. I also want to buy over-the-counter items such as first aid, feminine products, cold/allergy medication, contraception, oral hygiene, and more (studenthealthandcounselingcenter)
  2. I have a child/children from 3 months to 12 years old and want to know how these programs can benefit them and myself (programsforchildren)


  1. I need assistance with major and General Education advising, class registration, academic probation, holds, GPA calculations, and questions pertaining to my degree (advisingcenter)
  2. I want to buy/rent textbooks and purchase school merchandise (kennelbookstore)
  3. I can study, check out books, rent out electronics, use campus computers, print, get some Starbucks, book a study room (henrymaddenlibrary)
  4. I need to request a hard copy of my official transcripts. I also can turn in a Change of Major, Third Attempt, Excess Unit, Drop/Withdrawal form here (admissionsandrecords)
  5. I am want to know more information about my financial aid package and grants, scholarships, and loans (financialaidoffice)
  6. I can stop by my professors office during this time without an appointment to talk or ask questions (officehours)
  7. I am a Veteran and want to know more about my benefits and connect with other Veterans (veteransservices)
  8. I need to take my picture because my student ID card was lost or stolen (bulldogcardoffice)
  9. I can take the Upper Division Writing Exam (UDWE), U.S. Constitution Exam, and exams for class (bulldogtestingcenter)

["universityadvisingcenter", "moneymanagementcenter", "careerdevelopmentcenter"]

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