Crossword Puzzle

Hop Supply Co Scavenger Hunt


  1. Two Bird's Passion Victim tastes like this fruit (passionfruit)
  2. Where are Bridge Road Brewers from? (beechworth)
  3. What does the I stand for in IPA? (india)
  4. Castlemaine Brewing changed it's name to what in 2017? (shedshaker)
  5. This brewery makes the Rover Henty St Ale (hawkers)
  6. One of Moon Dog's annual beer releases is named Jumping The _____ (shark)
  7. Stockade's Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is named Old _____ (money)


  1. Bendigo's brewery (brookes)
  2. Which brewery's beer took out number 1 in the GABS Hottest 100 beers this year? (balter)
  3. The name of Fixation's Citrus IPA (squish)
  4. How many venues are at Bendigo On The Hop 2018 (ten)
  5. Blackman's Brewery call this town home (torquay)
  6. The colour of Green Beacon's Half Mast can (orange)
  7. A dark beer style (porter)
  8. All beers are made as Ales or _____? (lagers)
  9. What is the name of the beer vessel that carries 1.89 litres? (growler)

["june", "bentspoke", "galaxy", "fanning", "pacific", "footscray"]

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