Crossword Puzzle

Forensics Dentistry


  1. From widest point on each side (externalbreadth)
  2. Individual teeth that have an assigned number. (uns)
  3. Surface of tooth closest to the tips (labial)
  4. Surface of tooth closer to midline (mesial)


  1. Top teeth (maxilla)
  2. Bottom teeth (mandible)
  3. Surface of tooth nearest to tongue (lingual)
  4. Surface of tooth furthest from midline (distal)
  5. Surface of molar closest to cheek (buccal)
  6. Tooth is number 13 based on universal numbering system (2ndbicuspids)
  7. Grinding of tooth in back of mouth (molar)
  8. The part you bite down on (occiusal)

["externallength", "palatebreadth", "dentalstone"]

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