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Key Infection Control Terms


  1. An infection acquired during hospitalization which was not present or incubating at the time of hospital admission (healthcare-associatedinfection)
  2. An organism that cannot be seen by the naked eye (microorganism)
  3. The place the organism needs to live in order to grow and multiply (reservoir)
  4. Methods used to kill microorganisms (sterilization)
  5. Means by which organisms are carried about (vehicle)


  1. A substance that tends to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms (antiseptic)
  2. Free of pathogenic organisms (antisepsis)
  3. An individual who harbors (in the body) the specific organisms of a disease without manifesting its symptoms (carrier)
  4. To make unsterile or unclean (contaminate)
  5. A chain of events necessary for an organism to survive and to continue to grow (cycleofinfection)
  6. Use of a chemical that can be applied to objects to destroy microorganisms (disinfectant)
  7. An infection control practice that involves placing a bag of contaminated items into another clean bag that is held outside an isolation room (doublebagging)
  8. Growth within the body (endogenous)
  9. Growth outside the body (exogenous)
  10. An inanimate vehicle capable of carrying pathogens, such as a stethoscope (fomite)
  11. A person, group or animal that may be susceptible to a disease or illness (host)
  12. A pathogen (infectiousagent)
  13. Consists of policies and procedures of the hospital or other health care facility to minimize the risk of nosocomial or community-acquired infections spreading to patients and other staff members (infectioncontrol)
  14. The means or avenues by which the organism leaves the reservoir (modeofescape)
  15. Bacteria from a specialized structure when conditions are unfavorable for growth of a bacterium (spore)
  16. Living vehicle that is carrying a pathogen about (vector)

["isolationprecautions", "medicalasepsis", "standardprecautions", "surgicalasepsis", "universalprecautions", "virulent"]

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