Crossword Puzzle

Rise of Nation-States Crossword (Part 1)


  1. Managing or carrying out what is needed (administrative)
  2. Conduct, birth, and education help define these (classes)
  3. Can be divided into two categories (products)


  1. Includes profit, products, trade and wealth (economic)
  2. Includes government, policies, and administration (political)
  3. Include difference in social classes, beliefs, and attitudes towards others (social)
  4. Structure of government (state)
  5. The rules, laws, and procedures (policy)
  6. How people treat each other (attitudes)
  7. The exchange of goods between countries (trade)
  8. Past events (history)
  9. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements (culture)

["corebeliefs", "wealth", "nation", "language", "descent"]

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