Crossword Puzzle



  1. people that have dietary concerns (eggsubstitutes)
  2. carefully mix the egg whites and batter (fold)
  3. diced or sliced (homefries)
  4. addition food (sideorder)
  5. blend of grains, and nuts (granola)
  6. flavors and odors absorbed (porous)
  7. cuts into triangle's (scone)
  8. flat open face omelet (frittata)


  1. ham,bacon,hash or sausage (breakfastmeats)
  2. side of the pig (bacon)
  3. boneless pork loin (canadianbacon)
  4. gorund pork (sausage)
  5. chopped meat mixed with onions and potatoes (hash)
  6. known as danishes (pastries)
  7. quick bread made with egg and baked (muffin)
  8. bread dipped in batter and sauteed (frenchtoast)

["englishmuffin", "omelet", "curdle", "cottagefries", "quickbreads", "sausage", "dehydrated"]

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