Crossword Puzzle

Companion Animal Science (Guinea Pigs & Hamsters) Tip: Use ICEV questions for help!


  1. Can be a wide variety of colors with eight patterns. (abyssinians)
  2. hair grows forward (peruvian)
  3. pigs are mostly hairless (skinny)
  4. pigs have resilient coats adapted for tough weather conditions (teddy)
  5. pigs originated from England in 1980 (texel)
  6. hamsters are the smallest breed of dwarf hamsters. (roborovski)
  7. Should be kept in groups until eight (syrian)


  1. are small rodents native to South America (guineapigs)
  2. is a behavior of the guinea pigs (active)
  3. pigs are the most common pig found in stores (american)
  4. pigs have long and flowing hair (coronet)
  5. pigs can be a wide variety of mostly light color options and color patterns (silkie)

["hamsters", "fearful", "chinese", "winter", "longhair"]

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