Crossword Puzzle

Dating and relationship verbs and expressions


  1. having or feeling deep affection or passion for someone (fallinlovewith)
  2. to heavily kiss. It can include touching and petting (makeout)
  3. it is when you do not show up to a date (standup)
  4. to be going out with someone (date)
  5. to become reconciled, after a quarrel. (makeup)
  6. to have sex with someone, to hit up, to fuck (bang)


  1. to talk to somebody in the hope of starting a romantic or sexual relationship (chatup)
  2. to behave playfully towards another person who you are (or pretend to be) attracted to romantically or sexually (flirt)
  3. when a person who is married or in a committed monogamous relationship has sex or an intimate relation with another person (haveanaffair)
  4. to have sex with a person who is not your couple (cheaton)
  5. to meet someone, usually at a bar or party, and persuade them to leave with you in order to have sex (pickup)
  6. to no longer be in an involved relationship. To cease dating/going out with somebody. (breakup)

["hiton", "haveacrushon"]

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