Crossword Puzzle

Math Vocabulary Terms Crossword Puzzle


  1. this occurs when u x 1 quantity by a constant to help find the other quantity (proportionalrelationship)
  2. a 3-dimensional shape with a circular base and a vertex opposite the base (cone)
  3. a 3-dimensional shape with 6 identical square faces (cube)
  4. a line segment formed where two faces of a 3-dimensional object shape meet (edge)
  5. the vertical distance between the face chosen to be the base and the opposite end (height)
  6. To tell or show how two things are alike and different (compare)
  7. same shape and the same size (congruent)
  8. similar to our original figure after we stretch or shrink (image)
  9. a set of positive or negative numbers (integers)
  10. a problem using the signs multiplication, division, adding, and subtracting (equation)
  11. consisting of, involving, or describable by terms of the first degree (linear)


  1. Fraction = A Fraction (proportion)
  2. The number you multiply by to make similar figures (scalefactor)
  3. A comparison of 2 quantities (ratio)
  4. A rate in which the second quantity is one unit (unitrate)
  5. it is the unit rate (constantofproportion)
  6. the percentage of the sale price of an item (commision)
  7. same shape and different size (similar)
  8. the face of a 3-dimensional shape that is on the bottom (base)
  9. a 3-dimensional shape with two opposite faces that are congruent circles (cylinder)
  10. a flat two-dimensional surface of a three-dimensional shape (face)
  11. to find an approximate answer that is relatively close to an exact amount (estimate)
  12. to give facts and details that make an idea easier to understand (explain)
  13. this spot on the graph is represented by (0,0) (origin)
  14. the tangent of the angle between a given straight line and the x-axis of a system of Cartesian coordinates (slope)
  15. having the nature or characteristics of a variable (variables)
  16. to have a connection or impact on something else (relate)
  17. the process of determining the answer to a problem (solution)

["describe", "correspondingsides", "correspondingangles", "graph", "theoreticalprobability", "experimentalprobability", "evaluate"]

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