Crossword Puzzle

vocab review 51-75


  1. an early or original example upon which later examples are based (prototype)
  2. a small mass of soft material squeezed into a ball (wad)
  3. to ward off, to turn away, to keep from happening (avert)
  4. erratic in behavior, unpredictable, having quaint or fanciful quality (whimsical)
  5. a low wall or railing (parapet)
  6. to go after and bring back (fetch)
  7. showing great enthusiasm or devotion to a goal (zeal)


  1. help, relief, assistance (succor)
  2. undersized, a small animal or person (runt)
  3. to be victorious, to persuade (prevail)
  4. ardor, zeal, earnestness (fervor)
  5. to move quickly and easily, nimbleness of body or mind (agility)
  6. to cry out loudly (wail)
  7. inactive, acted upon but not acting in return (passive)
  8. to recover, to find and bring back, to get back (retrieve)
  9. enormous, gigantic, huge in size, extent or degree (colossal)
  10. very numerous (abound)
  11. one who pretends knowledge or skills that they do not possess (quack)

["fowl", "zigzag", "scamper", "catamaran", "acclaim", "innate", "underdog"]

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