Crossword Puzzle

Our Area Parishes


  1. What priest built the first Catholic Church in the area? (frfrancispierz)
  2. Number of 2nd grade sacrament preparation classrooms this year. (five)
  3. Number of beatitudes. (eight)
  4. First martyr. (stephen)
  5. Our current bishop. (paulsirba)


  1. Area parish named after a saint from Italy (stfrancis)
  2. Area parish named after one of the original 12 apostles. (standrew)
  3. Newest parish in the area. (allsaints)
  4. Of the current area church buildings, which is the oldest? (stmathias)
  5. Fr Daniel's favorite drink. (koolaide)
  6. Number of first communicants this spring. (sixtyfour)
  7. Last book of the bible. (revelation)
  8. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. (popefrancis)

["crowwing", "whitebearlake", "joseph", "moses", "genesis"]

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