Crossword Puzzle

Vocab Units 17 and 18 Words


  1. an elaborate and spectacular display or event (extravaganza)
  2. to mention or quote as an example or authority (cite)
  3. to shake or wave in a threatening way (brandish)
  4. unsure of oneself; shy; reserved in manner (diffident)
  5. honesty; trustworthiness (integrity)
  6. expressing sorrow; mournful (plaintive)
  7. to defeat or overcome (surmount)


  1. something that harms or destroys (blight)
  2. mercy shown in punishing or judging someone (clemency)
  3. a humorous stage play marked by improbable situations and exaggerated behavior (farce)
  4. a sudden raid or advance into enemy territory (foray)
  5. to gather bit by bit (glean)
  6. to put down by force (quash)
  7. an ardent follower, supporter, or enthusiast (devotee)
  8. a demonstration of strong approval or praise (plaudit)
  9. capable of being defended; reasonable (tenable)

["eccentric", "nominal", "ostracize", "posthumous", "recipient", "ribald", "suffrage", "verve", "adhere", "aplomb", "broach", "regalia", "resplendent", "subordinate"]

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