Crossword Puzzle

Vocab Crossword 19 and 20


  1. n. pl. Objects collected over a period of time that recall particular events. (memorabilia)
  2. v. To burn to ashes (incinerate)
  3. v. To have great respect and affection for. (revere)
  4. v. To charge with a crime (indict)
  5. n A distorted example or imitation (travesty)
  6. v. To be a supporter or regular customer of. (patronize)
  7. n. A peculiar or eccentric mannerism (quirk)
  8. n. A book, especially one that is large (tome)


  1. n. A secret agreement between parties for a criminal or deceitful purpose (collusion)
  2. adj. Having to do with judges the law or the courts (judicial)
  3. n. A large number of people or things (multitude)
  4. n. One who chooses to suffer or die rather than give up beliefs or principles (martyr)
  5. v. To do away with; to cancel (rescind)
  6. n. A descendant or heir (scion)
  7. adj. Dirty or disgusting (sordid)
  8. adj. smoothly polite; blandly pleasing (suave)
  9. v. To free from blame guilt or suspicion (vindicate)
  10. v. To cherish as precious or sacred (enshrine)
  11. v. To show clearly; to express (evince)

["apex", "vitriolic", "irrevocable", "querulous", "refute", "sanction"]

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