Crossword Puzzle

LVR Crossword


  1. The room we are gathering in is called the _______ room (multipurpose)
  2. One of our Vice Pricipals (cross)
  3. Name of one of our Youth and Family Workers (kathy)
  4. people who can help with course selections and most sensitive issues at school or personal life (counselors)
  5. The science, math, and french departments are on this floor (third)


  1. The "L" in LVR stands for ______ (leslie)
  2. The Principal's last name (malloff)
  3. How many courses make a full course load (eight)
  4. Name of our cafeteria (thelanding)
  5. Name of our Gymnasium (thehanger)
  6. The counseling offices are on this floor (first)
  7. daily announcements are on this morning show (lvtv)
  8. If I like to move my body, I might take this class (dance)

["four", "coffee", "second", "neil", "elephant", "kosheiff"]

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