Crossword Puzzle



  1. spinal injury (motorvehicleaccidents)
  2. bone that cause internal bleeding (pelvic)
  3. signs of puncture injury (swelling)
  4. bone that protects the lungs (ribcage)
  5. symptoms of shock (dizziness)


  1. neck vertebrae (cervical)
  2. permanent loss of function (paralysis)
  3. term for nerve cell (neuron)
  4. one sign of spinal cord injury (immobility)
  5. signs of concussion (headache)
  6. signs of concussion (nausea)
  7. care for nosebleed (pinchyournose)
  8. organ in upper left quadrant (stomach)
  9. signs of abdominal injury (tenderness)
  10. signs of injury (abdominalpain)
  11. care for shock (cpr)
  12. symptoms of shock (confusion)

["call9-1-1", "bloodloss", "heatstroke"]

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