Crossword Puzzle

The Book Thief Crossword Puzzle


  1. What book is blue and red, representing someone being stable and resistant against the determined aggressors? (the-shoulder-shrug)
  2. What book was ironically calming, despite its topic? (the-whistler)
  3. The ____ represents Dachau (ocean)
  4. The ____ represent the Jews "crashing" and dying against the strong "currents" of the Nazi Regime (whitecaps)
  5. Liesel giving Rudy a suit represents Liesel seeing Rudy as more _____ (mature)
  6. Both times Hans served in a war, he has felt responsible for (death)
  7. Hans' silver eyes represent his _____ nature (calming)
  8. Mein Kampf being visible through the Standover an shows that, despite Max finding safety, _____ are still looking for him (nazis)
  9. After calling Ilsa out on her excessive grieving for her son, Liesel feels like she stole Ilsa's ______ (happiness)


  1. Max's basement boxing matches represent his fight against _____ (germany)
  2. Symbol of hope and peace (accordion)
  3. What does the Gravedigger's handbook act as for Liesel? (coping-mechanism)
  4. The seventh side of the die represents incoming _____ (struggles)
  5. The accordion covering the Nazi flag is symbolic because the accordion is great at _____ the struggles of Nazi Germany (hiding)
  6. Max painting over Mein-Kampf represents him _____ his own story away from the struggles of Nazi Germany (writing)
  7. Werner's ghost stopped haunting Liesel because she finally made _____ with Ilsa (amends)
  8. Hans is compelled to help Max because Erik, Max's dad ___ ___ ___ (saved-his-life)
  9. The______symbolizes the place where souls go (sky)
  10. For Liesel, Max acts as a replacement for _____ (werner)
  11. Michael Holtzapfel is guilty for (living)
  12. Rosa holding on to the accordion while Hans is at war shows her holding on to ____ (hope)
  13. Whenever Hans is depressed, his eyes are _____ (grey)


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