Crossword Puzzle

The Book Thief Crossword Puzzle


  1. What book is blue and red, representing someone being stable and resistant against the determined aggressors? (theshouldershrug)
  2. Werner's ghost stopped haunting Liesel because she finally made _____ with Ilsa (amends)
  3. What book was ironically calming, despite its topic? (thewhistler)
  4. The ____ represents Dachau (ocean)
  5. The ____ represent the Jews "crashing" and dying against the strong "currents" of the Nazi Regime (whitecaps)
  6. For Liesel, Max acts as a replacement for _____ (werner)
  7. Liesel giving Rudy a suit represents Liesel seeing Rudy as more _____ (mature)
  8. Mein Kampf being visible through the Standover an shows that, despite Max finding safety, _____ are still looking for him (nazis)


  1. Max's basement boxing matches represent his fight against _____ (germany)
  2. Symbol of hope and peace (accordion)
  3. What does the Gravedigger's handbook act as for Liesel? (copingmechanism)
  4. The seventh side of the die represents incoming _____ (struggles)
  5. The accordion covering the Nazi flag is symbolic because the accordion is great at _____ the struggles of Nazi Germany (hiding)
  6. What book helped Liesel feel connected to Max while he was asleep (thedreamcarrier)
  7. Max painting over Mein Kampf represents him _____ his own story away from the struggles of Nazi Germany (writing)
  8. The ____ symbolizes the place where souls go (sky)
  9. Both times Hans served in a war, he has felt responsible for (death)
  10. Rosa holding on to the accordion while Hans is at war shows her holding on to ____ (hope)
  11. Hans' silver eyes represent his _____ nature (calming)
  12. Whenever Hans is depressed, his eyes are _____ (grey)

["savedhislife", "living", "happiness"]

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