Crossword Puzzle



  1. When minerals are bound to a protein (chelatedminerals)
  2. The mountain upstairs (rocky)
  3. Name of the street of PHG’s main location (bioscience)
  4. Brothers in Sioux Center (mahlberg)


  1. Esteemed veterinarian and CEO (wayne)
  2. Star of Fun Fact Friday (tim)
  3. Norma makes this on Fridays at PHG (popcorn)
  4. Color of Dawn’s car (white)
  5. Worthington VMC location (oxford)
  6. Longtime PHG employee who always has a joke to tell (francis)
  7. Name of the Ani-Logics warehouse supervisor (edgar)
  8. The newest full time veterinarians last name (mattson)
  9. All things IT (jason)


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