Crossword Puzzle



  1. Step back side close front. (pasdebourree)
  2. Halfway (demi)
  3. Step or dance (pas)
  4. Handrail to help dancer balance. (barre)
  5. To beat, strike the working foot beats the ankle of the supporting ankle then strikes the floor front, side or back. (frappe)
  6. Begin in 5th, change feet and land in 5th with other foot in the front. (changement)


  1. French word, tells a story, pointed feet (ballet)
  2. Knees side, heels don't come off floor, basic move. (plie)
  3. Leaves 1st or 5th pushes against floor, leg never bends. (tendu)
  4. One foot chasing the other. (chasse)
  5. Rising up to demi point (releve)
  6. Working foot brushes briskly outward off the floor and returns to 1st or 5th. (degage)
  7. A series of small turning steps performed continuously in rapid succession. (chaine)
  8. From a closed to an open position (echappe)
  9. A leap in any direction throwing the weight form one foot to another. (jete)

["glissade", "leotard", "tutu", "ballerina", "arabesque", "balance", "attitude", "passe", "pique", "pirouette", "retire", "reverence", "saute", "soussus", "spotting"]

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