Crossword Puzzle

Fahrenheit 451 Crossword


  1. the tool Montag used to burn his house and to kill Beatty (flamethrower)
  2. the animal that hunts Montag (hound)
  3. the machine that is used to burn books (incinerator)
  4. wife of montag who makes a suicide attempt and constantly watches the walls (mildred)
  5. what fire does to paper (burn)
  6. Plato's Republic; the man who helps change Montag's chemistry and is part of the group of men who find Montag (granger)
  7. what is left of paper after it has been burned (ashes)
  8. the city where Montag met Mildred (chicago)
  9. conflict between groups of people (war)
  10. when somebody's life ends (death)


  1. keeping information from the public (censorship)
  2. group leading a society (government)
  3. Montag's old job (fireman)
  4. going against the government (rebellion)
  5. the main character and man who rebels against the rules of the city (montag)
  6. a mythical bird who is reborn from its ashes (phoenix)
  7. the old man who offers help to montag and helps cover his tracks (faber)
  8. the landform that keeps Montag's scent covered (river)
  9. the radios in the citizen's ears (seashell)
  10. instead of burns, fire can provide this when it is cold (warmth)
  11. what Montag does after killing Beatty; moving quickly (running)

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