Crossword Puzzle

A Separate Peace


  1. Definition of sarcasm in genes Point of View (protestoftheweak)
  2. This person witnessed Gene Jounce the branch (leper)
  3. How do the boys get to the beach? (bicycles)
  4. The students had to clear this off the train line (snow)
  5. Genes Last name (forrester)
  6. Leper has decided to enlist into the___ (skitroops)
  7. "Nothing endures,not a tree, not..." (love)
  8. The masters had be a little lax which caused the boys to have freedom and so they are partly to blame for the (incident)
  9. Where is the winter carnival (devon)


  1. Gene's best friend (finny)
  2. After seeing the soldiers on the train Gene thinks about this (enlist)
  3. this story is told in what point of view (first)
  4. Finny wore this as a belt as a rebellious act (tie)
  5. Where the school is located (newhampshire)
  6. Finny does this for the first time after the trial (cries)
  7. Super .... Society of summer Session (suicide)
  8. Head master of the rowing crew (quackenbush)
  9. This enters Finny's bloodstream and causes him to die (marrow)
  10. Dr. Stanpole stresses to Finny that his career as far as this is over (sports)
  11. Ties in with the tone of the story (winter)
  12. When Finny breaks his leg,this incident sparks off the (climax)
  13. The narrator figures out that him and finny are basically the (same)
  14. When does the Super Suicide society group meet? (everynight)

["gene", "olympics", "confidence", "firstbuilding", "blitzball", "worldwartwo", "swimming", "study", "stairs", "beach", "crutches", "jump", "trigonometry", "conspiracy", "genepitiesfinny", "teachers", "assembleyroom"]

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