Crossword Puzzle



  1. A paste like substance or solution containing charged particles (electrolyte)
  2. The number of volts in a battery (voltage)
  3. Electricity can flow through these, examples aluminium, carbon, copper, salt (conductors)
  4. Positive component of a batery (cathode)
  5. The path in which electricity flows (circuit)
  6. The metal ends of a battery (terminals)


  1. What is a standard unit of measurement to measure electricity? (volt)
  2. Common type of battery (alkaline)
  3. Rechargeable type of battery (lithium)
  4. Provides separation and insulation (separator)
  5. Electricity can’t flow through these, examples glass, plastic, wood (insulators)
  6. Negative component of a battery (anode)
  7. Count Alessandro Volta is famous for the ____ cell battery (wet)
  8. The type of battery we use today is a ____ cell battery (dry)
  9. Electricity flowing in a circuit is called a ____ (current)

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