Crossword Puzzle

Ashes, Ashes Chapter 8 Vocabulary Puzzle


  1. vaccinations (inoculations)
  2. a foreign word for frog (zabko)
  3. a wooden shoe (clog)
  4. a foreign word for wolf cub (wilcze)
  5. a piece of rescued material (salvage)
  6. small garden shovel (trowel)
  7. strainers used for washing food (colanders)
  8. bad-tempered or gloomy (sullen)
  9. highly decorative (ornate)
  10. severely damaged and devastated (ravaged)
  11. a large amount (slew)


  1. scowled; looked angry (glowered)
  2. tough metal used for shaping (wroughtiron)
  3. light wooden frames (trellises)
  4. gathering food from nature (foraging)
  5. the outside, the perimeter (periphery)
  6. take apart into pieces (dismantling)
  7. walked awkwardly (shambled)

["chicory", "ungracefully", "unsettled", "luminescent", "filigree", "flourishes", "reprimanded", "sanatoriums", "reluctantly", "doddering", "conciliatory"]

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