Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary words


  1. Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire (centralpowers)
  2. Glorification of the military (militarism)
  3. false or misleading information spread to further a cause or sway public opinion (propaganda)


  1. Agreement between countries to aid and support one another. (alliance)
  2. compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces, also know as the draft (conscription)
  3. Building empires by opposing outside rule on peoples around the World. (imperialism)
  4. Avoiding involvement in other countries’ affairs (isolationism)
  5. a British ocean liner that was in operation during the early 20th century. (royalmailship)
  6. to cause to anger; to excite; to cause an action (provoke)
  7. Under sea boat; (uboat)

["nationalism", "nomansland", "reparations", "stalemate", "westernfront", "alliedpowers"]

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